White 2

White 2

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Natalia Poniatowska




A2 - 40 cm x 60 cm

A1 - 60 cm x 90 cm

"Project White is my investigation into the notion of absence of colour. With the project, I wanted to investigate what happens when we take out the colour of food. The natural colours we all know, like banana or lemon. I painted the fruits white and they became completely new objects that are no longer associated with food and taste. Our vision and ability to see colours is amazing. As a photographer and artist, I appreciate it every day and hope my project can make others notice how beautiful our senses are".

Artist statement: ‘It is enough that I come from a country that lies east of the west and west of the east’.

Born in the industrial realm of the Silesian region in the Southern part of Poland, Natalia Poniatowska has been working with the medium of photography for more than a decade now. Swinging between the digital and analogue photography, still and moving image – she explores the potential ground that exists in between of fine art and documentary photography. Drawing inspiration from the great interest in the modern, dynamic art scene but also from her personal experiences, Natalia believes in a great power of the image in conveying emotions, truths and challenges of the modern reality. Having spent majority of her life away from her motherland, Natalia often comes back to the theme of homesickness and belonging in her art work.